Being fit was never that interesting, thanks CrossFit Lighthouse

18 Mar

Ten months back I got married. Before marriage, I used to be very lean and fit. But after 2 months of marriage, I started putting on weight. Earlier it was not visible and thus, I had no issue. However, after some time, my clothes started becoming tight. I could not wear my best of dress due to being overweight. My husband and in-laws started criticizing me for putting on weight. They begin to insist me to lose weight anyhow.

I started feeling very low and become disappointed of trying several weight losing techniques. Then one of my friends told me about the Crossfit Lighthouse and amazing exercises carried over there to lose weight easily. I joined in there and their effective personal training methods helped me in reducing my fat to a larger extent. I lost around 7 kilograms and now I look much fit and healthy. I can’t thank enough to Crossfit Lighthouse to provide me this opportunity of not only being fit but also be a part of enthusiastic group fitness program. My hearty thanks goes to the wonderful team of Crossfit Lighthouse that has made this weight losing process an exciting and fun-filled practice for me.

Crossfit Seaford is an amazing destination to lose extra fat and gain much strength and energy with fun and challenging programs designed especially to keep you active. As compared to regular gyms, their training methods are interesting and inspire you to take part actively in the fitness program. Whosoever is suffering fitness issue, I strongly recommend you to join Crossfit Freeport to live a healthy and vivacious life. Husband’s compliments seem will never end. Again, big thanks to Crossfit Lighthouse…

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